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Know Thy (Future) Enemy: Potential NFC East Draft Prospects

I intend this post to set up a nice weekend debate on who we anticipate seeing twice a year for the next decade in the NFC East. I am by no means an expert on the wants and needs of our divisional foes. I mean, I do know that Dallas prefers problem children, Philly builds Dream Teams and the Giants tend to stink until Novemberish. I'll throw out a position or two per team and then you can tell me how wrong I am (JimmyK...people say you're a Dreamer, but you're not the only one).

Dallas Cowgirls

The Cowgirls need to upgrade their secondary in a major way. They could use an impact corner AND an impact safety. Sitting where they are in the middle of the first round, they are going to be tempted to take Janoris Jenkins, the troubled but exceedingly talented cornerback out of North Alabama (and Florida). There is little doubt he can contribute at the next level, but his checkered past will give most franchises reason to pass on him. Dallas seems to get comfy with guys like this. As you all know, I simply LOVE second round picks, and the possibility for the Cowgirls to land a player like Markelle Martin in the second frame disturbs me to no end. I love this safety out of Oklahoma State and I do not want to play against him for the next decade. If Dallas was able to draft this duo, that defense would immediately be my humble opinion.

New York Giants

When you win the Super Bowl, the last pick in the first round can often be considered a luxury selection. They will have holes to fill to be sure, but a Super Bowl champion is often tempted to add a playmaker. The Giants don't seem to be the kind of team to fall prey to such things, as they tend to draft well and fill needs with good players. For the purpose of this discussion, let's assume the Giants will consider targeting a luxury-type player. To me, Dwayne Allen, the tight end out of Clemson, fits the bill. Especially if they lose Mario Manningham, giving Eli Manning another big target seems like a slam dunk. Allen could be a huge factor underneath, up the middle and of course in the red zone. If anyone has proven the ability to quickly identify the route that the defense is giving him, it is Eli, and if he is choosing between Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Jake Ballard, Travis Beckum and Dwayne Allen on any given play...well, damn. Add to that the health concerns surrounding Beckum and Ballard, and Allen seems like more than just a luxury pick.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles need linebackers. It is just that simple. They will have their choice of a few very good players from their perch in the middle of the first round. Most people think Luke Kuechly would be the easy selection for the Eagles if he is still on the board when the Eagles pick. The Boston College player would be penciled in immediately as a starting inside linebacker for Philly. If Kuechly is gone, the Eagles might be forced to take a defensive tackle, as there don't seem to be any other inside linebackers worthy of the slot (unless you really like Don'ta Hightower). Dontari Poe of Memphis and Jerel Worthy of Michigan State would be guys that could be targeted here by Philly.