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Redskins Community GM: 4th Round (102)

Yesterday with the third round selection the Hogs Haven community took offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz out of Cal. Schwartz garnered nearly fifty percent of the vote and safety Markelle Martin finished in second with twenty-nine percent of the vote. Today we'll take a shot at the Skins first fourth round pick at 102 and insert some "reach" picks. Reach picks are popular names that have been tossed around Hogs Haven, but their value may not fit the particular round.

Antonio Allen, S, South Carolina: Yesterday the community passed on stud safety Markelle Martin, Allen could be the best safety left on the board in the fourth round. The 23 year old prospect is great in run support but can be beat over the top due to his lack of "second gear" speed.

Phillip Blake, C, Baylor: Blake is another popular name here at HH. Would it make sense to reunite Robert Griffin III with his old center. A familiar butt in the locker room may be good for RG3.

Nigel Bradham, ILB, Florida State: After passing on Bobby Wagner would Nigel Bradham be the pick in the fourth round? Bradham is a physical specimen but it seems like, at times, it takes him a long time to process things during the initial portion of plays.

George Iloka, S, Boise State: Iloka is a raw but talented safety. He would be a great value pick for any team that can grab him in the fourth. Iloka length at safety is a real x-factor.

Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina: Josh Norman is a big, physical corner that has been discussed a lot here. He's still a project, but could be an immediate upgrade to Kevin Barnes as the third cornerback.

Nate Potter, OT, Boise State: Potter is a name that is thrown around a lot at Hogs Haven. He's a decent right tackle prospect and like Schwartz he may be able to eventually kick into guard. Potter does lack upper body strength and has been tormented by the bull rush and elite pass rushers in the past, so you have to ask yourself if he could handle the NFC East.

2012 HH Community GM Draft Results
1- Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor
3- Mitchell Schwartz, OT, Cal