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Redskins Community GM: 3rd Round Pick

Should the Redskins consider Dwight Bentley with their third round pick?
Should the Redskins consider Dwight Bentley with their third round pick?

Last year we rolled out Community GM for the free agency period. This was largely due to the draft coming before free agency. This year I thought we'd do the same but with our draft picks. The Community GM series will list out four or five choices of possible fits for the draft slot given, you will then be given the opportunity to choose one of these prospects. The second overall picks is, pretty much, a foregone conclusion so we'll start with our third rounder.

Dwight Bentley, CB, Louisiana-Lafayette: Bentley is a corner who has moved his way up draft boards throughout the evaluation process. Bentley is 5'10, 182 lbs and has struggled in man coverage, but at the same time he's a very athletic corner and ran a 4.43 forty at the combine. Bentley also started all four years as a Ragin' Cajun.

LaMichael James, RB, Oregon: Chris Polk or James might still be around in the third round. James' career at Oregon is well documented. Could the explosive burner be worth the Skins third rounder?

Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State: Martin has been profiled a lot at Hogs Haven. He's a big, physical safety who could fill a huge void for the Skins.

Mitchell Schwartz, OT, Cal: Schwartz is another four year college starter. He's an intelligent and physical presence on the offensive line, who also has an NFL pedigree. Mitchell's brother, Geoff, plays for the Lions. Schwartz could play RT or could excel as a guard in the zone blocking scheme.

Bobby Wagner, ILB, Utah State: Wagner will likely be the top rated inside linebacker left in the third round. He's an instinctive read and react linebacker who excelled as an Aggie. Wagner was also a team captain for the past two years at Utah State.