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Mark Rypien Leads Class-Action Lawsuit vs NFL

Via Washington Times:

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien has sued the NFL over "repeated traumatic injuries to his head" sustained during his 11-season career.The suit alleges the NFL was aware of the risks of repetitive traumatic brain injury but hid the information and misled players, resulting in permanent brain damage of neurological disorders.

The same language is used for each of the 125 other, estimates 51 lawsuits have been filed against the NFL. That includes five wrongful death lawsuits.

Take that Gooddell!!! The NFL surely has some explaining to do, especially when I think about the Browns letting Colt McCoy back into that game last year after the Harrison hit, which McCoy remembered none of. Imagine the 80s and 90s!

How Rypien proves the covers up will be interesting since concussions were not documented on the sidelines back then.