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Daily Slop : Goodell Says Bounty Investigation of Redskins is Not Over; Draft Really Starts a Month From Today

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Elfin: It’s Time For A Fight With The League, Snyder And Jones Have A Great Case " CBS DC
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his Cowboys counterpart Jerry Jones are ready to take on the rest of the league, and with the favor of the league arbitrator, they just might win.

Watch what the Colts do, not what they say - Real Redskins
We reported a short while ago that Colts owner Jim Irsay said that his organization has not yet settled on which quarterback it will draft next month. Both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are in play.

Lorenzo Alexander links London Fletcher with salary cap penalties - DC Sports Bog
Redskin says the team hasn’t re-signed its veteran linebacker because of NFL punishment.

The Redskins Blog | Uprights Hang From Practice Bubble Roof

Washington Redskins And Dallas Cowboys Salary Adjustments "Stink To High Heaven" Says Mike Florio " CBS DC
If the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys hope to really overturn the combined $46 million in salary cap adjustments levied against them they better be ready to have some blood splash back in their direction.

Roger Goodell says bounty investigation of Redskins is not over - The Insider - The Washington Post
Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league still is trying to determine whether the Redskins had a system that rewarded players for hits that injured opponents or took them off the field when Gregg Williams was defensive coordinator.

Redskins take their grievance behind closed doors - Washington Times
General manager Bruce Allen and other top members of the Washington Redskins' organization appear determined to fight their $36 million salary-cap penalty in private.

NFL's statement on salary cap challenge - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is the NFL's statement on the Redskins' and Cowboys challenge to the salary cap penalties imposed on them by the NFL; The Cowboys and Redskins have challenged the NFL's recent agreement with the NFL Players Association to set the salary cap for 2012 and to reallocate certain salary cap room from Dallas and Washington to 28 other clubs.

Cleveland Browns Pursued WRs Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan in Free Agency - Dawg Pound Daily - A Cleveland Browns Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

It doesn't mean much now, as both signed with the Washington Redskins, but a source has said that the Cleveland Browns pursued both Pierre Garcon and Josh

The Redskins Blog | A Look At The New Redskins Draft Slots

Will the Redskins face Parcells in 2012? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Saints coach Sean Payton has contacted Parcells about being New Orleans’ coach for the 2012 season. Payton has been suspended for the entire year due to his role in the Saints’ bounty scandal. Parcels, 71, coached in the NFC East for 12 years.

NFL meetings begin amid salary cap, bounty furor - The Insider - The Washington Post

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and General Manager Bruce Allen decline comment on the team’s $36 million salary cap hit.

What's Next For Redskins In Free Agency?

Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones square off against old school owners in salary cap case - Hard Hits - The Washington Post

Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones square off against old school owners by seeking arbitration over cap hit.

Draft really starts a month from today - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

The NFL draft starts for the Washington Redskins one month from today. Yes, it’s true that the actual draft will start on Thursday, April 26, a month from yesterday. But that day will merely be a formality for the Redskins.

Uni Watch reveals new NFL merchandise from Nike, New Era - Page 2 - ESPN

Overtime rules may have enough support to pass - The Insider - The Washington Post
Chairman of the NFL’s competition committee says teams are more comfortable with the idea of expanding the postseason format to the regular season.

2011 Elusive Rating |
Sam Monson uses PFF's Elusive rating to discuss 2011's top runners beyond the influence of their blockers.