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Demetrius Bell Still A Possibility for the Redskins?

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According to Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 in Buffalo, it is becoming increasingly likely that Demetrius Bell will not re-sign with the Bills this offseason.

My simple answer to all those queries... I'm not at all that optimistic about it. Just based on things I've been hearing -- unless Bell's market dries up (which I don't think it will) -- I think the chances are greater he is wearing a different team's uniform in 2012.

The Redskins, Jets and Dolphins are all in on Bell, but would the Redskins be a more enticing place because of the possibility to start? Buscaglia sites the emergence of Chris Hairston and the possibility of the Bills drafting Riley Reiff as other reasons why Bell will likely not be back in Buffalo. Bell is 27 years old and has been the opening day starter at left tackle for three out of the last four years in Buffalo.