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Robert Griffin III Pro Day Report

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Before I get started, if you happened to miss the pro day workout, or the interview Robert Griffin III gave after, then you can watch both in the video below, which HTTR4LIFE fantastically edited together for us.

Robert Griffin III's Pro Day - Full Workout and Interview (3-21-2012) (via CapitolPunishmentDMV)

Now an important thing to note is that pro days are heavily scripted and have no defenders to worry about. Some throws included Grffin III throwing to standing targets. Just remember that before all the "RG3 to Colts" hype begins. His stat line finished as 81 throws, 75 completions with four drops. Again, this means very little in the grand scheme of things.

The Redskins had pretty much their full staff in attendance Wednesday, with owner Dan Snyder joining general manager Bruce Allen, head coach Mike Shanahan, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and other scouts to watch Griffin. The Colts also attended, with new head coach Chuck Pagano also rumored to be there.

Griffin's athleticism was on display immediately. He ran several play-action passes which he developed into bootlegs and roll-out throws (not surprising given the Redskins offense contains a lot of those aspects). He looked accurate on the move throwing both underneath and deep routes with touch and excellent ball placement.

His most impressive aspect from my point of view was his improved footwork. He has clearly been working on that, with effective results. His drop-backs looks fluid and easy for him and stepped into his throws correctly. One of his knocks was that he can throw off his back-foot sometimes, but today he had no troubles with that (although it remains to be seen how that translate with defenders in his face).

His arm strength is just as advertised. Most reports from people who attended the workout said that the ball "jumps off his hand" and shouldn't have any problem making any NFL throw.

He finished his workout in style with a bubble screen to receiver Kendall Wright. Griffin then ran downfield and made a catch from a Wright throw. What a showman way to end the workout. Let the RG3 to DC talk begin!