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Did the NFLPA Sacrifice the Redskins & Cowboys?

The most recent article from Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports is a must read for Redskins fans. Cole goes over the details from "Bounty-gate" from the perspective of NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA at a whole. Basically Smith faced lower the salary cap and hurting veterans or sacrificing two teams.

"Why did we agree to it?" a former player said, rhetorically. "Because the league had us over a barrel. If we didn’t agree to the penalty for the Redskins and the Cowboys, the cap would have been $113 million, the players would have been [angry] and De would have gotten fired.

"What the league is doing is collusion, plain and simple."

Smith was up for re-election this week, he ran unopposed so the union went ahead and voted him in today. Cole also notes that the head of the NFL Coaches Association, David Cornwall, did a lengthy critique of Smith and the deal that he administered and concluded that Smith should be immediately fired.

Like I said this is a must read for Skins fans.