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Draft Night Party - 4/26/12 - Rocket Bar D.C.

For the third year in a row, we will be binge drinking gathering for the 1st round of the draft. The first year was Nanny O'Briens, last year Ken and I were guests of Ball Hogs Radio's party at Austin Grill in Rockville, and this year we've teamed up with BHR to host a bash at Rocket Bar in Chinatown, D.C.

We've secured the entire back of Rocket (across the street from Verizon Center). We'll plan to do a live radio podcast with guests and more importantly drink specials that go all night. We're working on some Redskins alumni and player but regardless, this will be a good time. Come watch Ryan Tannehill RG3 become a Redskin in style.

Oh, we'll also have a Jerry Jones piñata.

(The RG3 picture in our promo flyer was borrowed with love from round on me!)