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Ten Yard Fight -- "According to Hogs Haven..."

1. The main reason why I think Tebow was an intriguing option for any team--including the Redskins--is that he forces defenses to prepare for him. Defensive coordinators install game plans during the week, deploying players to do specific things to stop what the upcoming opponent does best. In 2012, every defense who plays the Jets will have to prepare for the Sanchez-led offense as well as the Tebow-led read option package. I have never played in the league, but from what I hear, preparing to defend the Tebow offense is among the most boring things out there. The meetings are boring, the drills are boring, and even the games on Sunday can bore you to sleep. Every player on the defensive side of the ball has to play with incredible discipline, attending to his extremely unique job covering specific players and gaps. One mistake and Tebow rumbles for a huge gain. If Sanchez can display any kind of effectiveness and efficiency doing what he does, defensive coordinators will really be sweating out how to prepare their players. They'll be forced to spend more time on additional sets, and ultimately less time on everything. As long as the team who employs Tebow (in this case, the Jets) gets him on the field for a good 10-15 plays per game, they will enjoy the advantage of facing a defense each week that has been put through the wringer in practice.

2. Make no mistake: bringing Tim Tebow to your city is asking for a never-ending circus. At the end of the day, I think I see the Redskins as not really ready to handle that kind of mess. I am not so sure the Jets are better positioned for it than us. My theory: the Jets made the move to keep Tim Tebow away from New England. I do believe Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano will utilize Tebow effectively. If Tebow was in New England though...I would bet on him to make the Pro Bowl. Giving Belichick a player like Tim Tebow would be very, very bad for the Patriots' opponents--especially divisional opponents.

3. Last point on Tebow today: I agree with Steve Shoup--Tim Tebow will be starting for the Jets at some point this season. You think you saw chaos and drama in Denver last year? Wait until Tebow is starting in New York.

4. Speaking of mercurial quarterbacks...I have Rex Grossman piloting this Redskins team for at least the first six games of the season. If we draft RG3, he will absolutely get on the field right away, but only in selected situations. I think the Shanahans will develop a couple of packages for certain parts of the field that will maximize Griffin's ability to succeed and minimize his chances of getting hurt.

5. Clearly, the red zone is an area where you could see Kyle and Mike trying like hell to figure out a way to use Griffin, but maybe it's really only in a situation where it's 1st and Goal from inside the five-yard line. From that close, Griffin's lateral quickness could be a huge weapon. Elsewhere on the field, I would advocate giving him the ball between the 40's (Parks, not O.E. this time...let's make it Crazy Horse). That twenty yard area in the middle of the field would give Griffin plenty of room to operate and would open up a variety of plays for him to run. You could allow him to take a shot up field to Garcon or Morgan. You could call for a sprint out option. You could give him a chance to attempt a short to intermediate pass to Hank the Tank. I think if Griffin could work some clock, get a couple of first downs and hopefully complete a pass or two, he could build a lot of confidence moving forward.

6. The beauty of having Rex Grossman here to take some snaps in 2012 is more than just the fact that he knows our offense. It is more than just the fact that he buys us time while the rookie learns on the job. Isn't one of his most attractive features the fact that NOBODY is sweating out a quarterback controversy? There is only ONE person in the entire city who thinks he has an actual chance to be our starter ahead of our soon-to-be-franchise quarterback...and his name is John Beck.

7. What if we're 5-2 or 6-3 midway through the season? What if Rex Grossman is "killing it"--the way only Rex Grossman can? I STILL don't think we deviate much from the plan--assuming our rookie is getting at least a series or two per game, and progressing. That makes Sexy Rexy rather invaluable. He is the rare example of a player that you can love but not be "in love with." Conversely, he is also the kind of player you can hate, but still enjoy watching because--and I can't stress this enough--YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO NEXT.

8. Okay...I'll just say it. We have an open relationship with Rex Grossman. We're allowed to see other quarterbacks. We don't have to call every day. We don't have to buy flowers and we don't have to remember anniversaries (because we only do one-year deals with him). I suppose a downside is that Rex is kind of letting himself go. He has taken "pleasantly plump" to the extreme. I am not one to talk (this is technically writing, not talking) but ol' Sexy might consider a P90 cycle or two. Unfortunately, we traded our right to criticize his looks for the ability to date other quarterbacks. Oh diabolical genius!

9. According to Hogs Haven...the best receiver on our roster right now is Pierre Garcon. The best tight end on our roster right now is Chris Cooley (the best receiver at the tight end position is Fred Davis). The most important defensive player currently on the roster right now is Barry Cofield (narrowly edging out Brian Orakpo). DeMeco Ryans will have a big year for the Eagles (yeah...ouch).

10. According to Hogs Haven...the DC Sports Bog is great. Keep up the good work, Steins.