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NY Jets Medical Staff Confident on Fixing LaRon Landry

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Laron Landry just finished giving his first interview with the NY Jets media. Regarding his time in D.C., Landry said "there was tug-of-war with Redskins over whether he should have had surgery. Says answer to injury wasn't surgery." That's old news, but what is a bit juicy is the "CEO" of Encore Sports tweeted to Washington Post's Dan Steinberg:

The [Redskins] TEAM medical staff is gonna do whats best for the TEAM...the same TEAM medical staff that told LL he had a bruised wrist when it was actually dislocated with torn ligaments...the same TEAM medical staff that refused to endorse a proven alternate medical procedure...LL is a warrior and gonna do work.

As for the Jets, Landry had this to say:

"I wanted the one-year deal to prove to everybody and show that my injury is healed."

"In this defense, I can do both," Landry said about playing the strong and free safety spots with the Jets. "This defense allows you to... mix it up.... I'm not going to say I'm great in the box and my pass coverage sucks."

I'm not so sure about playing Free Safety, but hey, the fans are eating it up there! If the Jets are able to get Landry back to 100% that surely won't sit well with anyone. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum on their plan for Landry's rehab:

We feel really good about LaRon, we feel really good about our medical department. We're going to work as a partnership to get him ready for opening day and barring something unforeseen, we think he'll be ready to go....We'll be smart about it. We'll work with him... and make sure he's ready to go by opening day.

A lot going on here in this article. If it makes you feel any better, Vinny Cerrato is still praising Landry.