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Which DC Athlete Would You Most Like On The Redskins Roster?

So we're going to try to change it up a little bit here. The last few days have been extremely Robert Griffin III heavy; so this is a light-heartened post to try and generate some fun discussion that doesn't involved the aforementioned player. The question I have for you is: which Washington D.C. athlete would you most like to see on the Redskins roster next season and what position would he play?

Some obvious examples might include John Wall from the Wizards. He's 6'4", 195lbs, which is a little light-weight for a receiver. So I think I'd play him as a free safety and use his ability to steal the ball in basketball transition to a ball-hawk safety.

What about JaVale McGee? He's a seven foot athletic freak, and at 252lbs, he could fit inside at tight end (he can block in the NBA, could he block in the NFL) or as a monster outside at wide receiver.

Alex Ovechkin is a Russian hockey player, to me that screams out linebacker that can go downhill and deliver thumping hits.

Would anyone take a Nationals player? Bryce Harper is a Cowboys fan, so that rules him out. Could you find a spot for Ryan Zimmerman, god knows this team needs a leader like him. I guess if the Nats had landed Prince Fielder, we could have plugged him in at right tackle over Jammal Brown...