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Monday Night Slightly Off-Topic Thread

Would Michael Snaer make a good NFL Tight End?
Would Michael Snaer make a good NFL Tight End?

Don't worry there's a football tie-in, maybe even a Redskins tie-in. Want a fantasy sleeper? How about Julius Thomas the tight end for the Denver Broncos? Thomas had a huge preseason last year but was injured early in the year and never flourished. Thomas was a basketball star at Portland State, which got me thinking about guys playing the NCAA Tournament who could translate to football.

Antonio Gates is probably the biggest success story when it comes to basketball to football, Gates played basketball at Kent State. Every year we seem to see another guy try to make the jump, two local names that come to mind are Jai Lewis who tried to catch on with the Giants and Jesse Pellot-Rosa of VCU who was in training camp with the Jets. So who do you think would be a great football player coming from the hard court this year? My pick is Michael Snaer from FSU, who could be a new-wave tight end at 6'5. He may need to beef up a little but his athleticism could play out.