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Peyton Manning Selects the Broncos

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It's interesting to read Broncos fans' reactions to the signing. Most are over-joyed but 20% of the fans (so far) said in a poll they'd rather stick with Tebow. Manning's agent might get the MVP trophy here using the Titans to drive up the contract price for Manning. Media outlets are reporting it will be near 5-years, $90 million (like his old contract). And then you have poor, Bud Adams, who offered Peyton Manning a "contract for life."

Either way, I'm looking forward (not) to Ken Meringolo's next post where he'll say the Redskins can bring in Tebow to play Right Tackle or run some double-option offense with Griffin. Two of his IM messages to me were:

  • Would you trade Moss for Tebow straight up?
  • Would you trade a 5th or 6th rounder for him?
No and no. Let the ESPN trucks camp out somewhere else for a change.