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NFL Free Agency Has Big Names Still On The Board

Eric Winston (Left) and Mike Brisiel (Middle) are both available. Let's hope they aren't separated, and both come to Washington. #Hope
Eric Winston (Left) and Mike Brisiel (Middle) are both available. Let's hope they aren't separated, and both come to Washington. #Hope

After about 48 hours worth of free agency over, the Redskins have made some good progress in their 'rebuild'. The Redskins re-signed Adam Carriker, signed some good, young wide-outs in Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, and are looking to sign Eddie Royal.

The previous Redskins receiver corp was riddled with a loose collective of average and below receivers. This added youth and deep ball ability may be just the thing to turn this team around.

There are still holes that need be filled, hopefully pre-draft. OL, for example. Left Guard and Right Tackle are my biggest concerns. Cory L (RFA) is coming off of a big injury, and the Redskins haven't been able to run the ball to the right successfully for a while.

Defensive back and safety still remain a concern as well. With LaRon Landry's undecided fate, things in the secondary could begin to get interesting.

See who's left after the jump...


Peyton Manning - It's surprising to see Peyton still on the board. I am looking for him to make a deal soon. Arizona, Denver, Miami, and Tennessee have all expressed interest. I see Tennessee as a front-runner (Followed closely by Denver).

Matt Flynn - Flynn will wait for Manning to disappear from the equation before he makes a decision. After Manning is gone, I can see Miami making a strong bid for him, likely giving up more than they would right now. The Browns might be leading that race, though.

Running Back

Michael Bush - There isn't much in the way of runningbacks left. Peyton Hillis, my favorite prospect (Just because of Madden) is off the board to the Cheifs. Bush remains, and could be a lot of help with some power running and pass protection.

Mike Tolbert - Parks' boy. Well, he tweeted about him... So that makes him Parks' boy. Tolbert rushed for 490 yards and 8 TD's sharing the weight with Curtis Brinkley.

Wide Receivers

Eddie Royal - This deal has gone from 'done' to 'not complete' and everywhere in-between. I really hope the Redskins are able to secure Eddie. He's a great medium-range threat that can turn a short play into six points.

Mario Manningham - Mario caught 39 balls for over 500 yards last season. I can see him wanting a larger role within an offense, but he may not get it. He's always going to be a No.3 guy.

Offensive Line

Eric Winston - I can't explain how happy I would be if we were to sign Winston. Unfortunately I just don't see it panning out. The Rams, Cheifs, and Dolphins all have a close eye on him. He would definitely help secure the right side of the Redskins line, though. Stupid Cap-Gate or whatever....

Scott Wells - The Green Bay Packers' anchor at Center is still no re-signed. Will Montgomery is a UFA this season, he'd be a definite upgrade, but might cost too much for us right now.

Mike Brisiel - As @UKRedskin1 recently let us know, the Redskins have shown interest in OG Mike Brisiel. Let's hope they don't separate him and Winston... Please.

Defensive Back

Aaron Ross - Ross has spent all of his 5 seasons with the Giants, and holds 10 interceptions. Might be a good upgrade for our secondary.

Tracy Porter - Yet another solid d-back still on the market. The Redskins may look to the draft to address this position, so I can't really see any FA D-back signings. Still would be nice to know the position is addressed.


Brandon Meriweather - The Redskins recently had a visit from Meriweather, who also has the Jets and Broncos barking up his tree.

Mike Adams - This FA is satey-thin, that can only be a plus for Adams.


Mario Williams - That's right, the Bills have yet to finalize his deal. Sources say it should be happening soon. After all, he's there for the third day in a row.

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