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CAUTION--Upgrade in Progress at Redskins Park

The news updates will continue to fly all day, but I just wanted to comment on the obvious: our offense is already better than it was yesterday morning.

We have not signed a Pro Bowl veteran quarterback, nor have we signed any true, top-shelf, #1 wide receivers.

BUT...both the quarterback position and the wide receiver position have been addressed in a way that signify honest-to-goodness improvements over what we have had.

If you look at what our offense was actually able to achieve in 2011--and I suppose I am only referring to the relative ease with which we were able to move the ball at times--with Rex Grossman and a group of average receivers, you have to be at least a little excited about our 2012 prospects. Having Luck/RG3 under center, throwing to a stable of young receivers who have all showed flashes in the NFL is not only more exciting, but potentially more dangerous.

The offense will only be fully addressed after we add AT LEAST one free agent starter on the offensive line (please be a quality right tackle). It is possible that the Redskins could add an offensive lineman in the 3rd or 4th round that would be capable of competing for a starting job (Jeff Allen, anyone?) but we need a quality veteran to come in and shore things up.

Please don't let anyone call this a playoff roster at this point or at any point. It's not...not yet. What we should be comfortable saying at this point is that our offense is already better and younger than it was in 2011. (Let's try and remember where that bar was set in 2011--nice and low.)

How is everyone feeling about the Shanaplan today?