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Report: Eddie Royal Signs 2-Year, $12 Million Deal with Redskins

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Update: Redskins replied this is NOT, get refunds on your Royal jerseys now if you can. It still could happen.

The flurry of Wide Receivers continue. In addition to Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, the Redskins added long-time Bronco (and Shanny draftee), Eddie Royal. Via Fox31:

Royal signed on for a two-year deal for $12 million. The former Virginia Tech standout was drafted 42nd overall by Redskins coach Mike Shanahan in 2008 when Shanahan was the head coach in Denver.That season, Royal had a career-high 91 catches for 980 yards and five touchdowns.

Royal also is a talented punt returner who averaged 16.2 yards per runback last season.

Current Redskins WR on roster other than the new guys: Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin, Brandon Banks, Jabar Gaffney, Leonard Hankerson, Niles Paul, Santana Moss, Alridck Robinson, and Donte Stallworth