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Daily Slop : Cowboys, Redskins say They Complied With Salary cap in 2010; RGIII Should Help Redskins Attract Free Agents

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A Statement from Bruce Allen: 3-12
Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen released this statement Monday evening.

Parsing Allen's statement - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The Redskins released a statement from Bruce Allen about the salary cap reductions that were reported by various media outlets.

Robert Griffin III: Poised to handle the pressure - The Washington Post
COLUMN | With two parents who served in the military, Robert Griffin III’s life is grounded in discipline and hard work.

RGIII should help Redskins attract free agents | Washington Examiner

Roster Review: Outside Linebackers
The Redskins appear set at outside linebacker, given the presence of Orakpo and Kerrigan. The position is not a need.

NFL Videos: RG3 worth the price?
The Redskins paid a hefty price for the ability to draft Robert Griffin III. Find out why Mike Mayock, Michael Lombardi and Charles Davis think he's worth it.

Will Robert Griffin III's arrival make the Dallas-rival Redskins a destination team? | Dallas Cowboys News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW

Even with NFL penalty, Redskins are thinking big | |
By Joseph White WASHINGTON Robert Griffin III has made the Washington Redskins a more attractive destination for NFL free agents. So, Vincent Jackson, wanna play same catch with RGIII? Even with their last-minute bombshell of a salary cap problem, the

The Redskins Blog | Bruce Allen On Trade, Team’s Free Agents
Redskins general manager Bruce Allen addressed the media at this evening’s Washington Football Legends event, pertaining to the draft pick trade, and the status of tight end Fred Davis and linebacker London Fletcher:

The Redskins Blog | Kerrigan Vs. Orakpo In Madden Cover Vote
This year, the campaign has been expanded to 64 candidates, and voters have between now and March 21 to vote on the first round of the field. The first round features competitions between teammates, which for the Redskins mean Brian Orakpo vs. Ryan Kerrigan for an outside linebacker bash:

NFLPA agreed to Cowboys/Redskins salary cap sanctions | ProFootballTalk
The NFL's decision to remove salary cap space now from teams that dumped salary into the uncapped year of 2010 technically constitutes a violation of the labor deal with the players, because the CBA allowed teams to spend at will in the uncapped year, subject to specifically negotiated limits (e.g.

Adam's Mornin': So About Giving Up Those Draft Picks... | NBC4 Washington
For some reason, this is not as surprising as it could be. It IS the Redskins, after all.

Redskins Lose $36M In Cap Space Because The NFL Is An Asshole | Mr. Irrelevant, a D.C. Sports Blog by the Brothers Mottram
Mr. Irrelevant, a D.C. Sports Blog by the Brothers Mottram

Vincent Jackson: Just Say No | Fatpickled
I'm against signing Vincent Jackson, to see an argument for signing VJ, check out my friends at DC Sports Chat. At first glance Vincent Jackson appears

Washington Redskins release Mike Sellers, 2011 signing Oshiomogho Atogwe - ESPN
The Washington Redskins have released safety Oshiomogho Atogwe, saying an early goodbye to one of their big free agent signings from last year.

Potential Potential Franchise Quarterback Already Prompting Redskins Fans To Buy Season Tickets
One can only imagine the fictional non-libelous scene yesterday morning when Redskins owner Dan Snyder opened The Washington Times to find a story about how the Redskins' mega-trade with the Rams to go after Robert Griffin III could revive the team's moribund fan base. If that didn't make Snyder cackle over his eggs Florentine, this account of one fan's reaction to the trade, almost surely would have:

Cowboys, Redskins say they complied with salary cap in 2010 | ProFootballTalk
The the procedure for challenging the action isn’t clear, but the Cowboys and Redskins should fight. Though the NFL deftly persuaded the players to agree with the plan, the Cowboys and Redskins are being penalized for one simple reality. They refused to engage in collusion.

Vinny, Albert continue to haunt the Redskins - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Vinny Cerrato has been gone from the Redskins organization for over two years and Albert Haynesworth as been gone since last August. But the two of them still haunt the team. When Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan took over football operations for the team, they inherited two particularly bad contracts, those belonging to DeAngelo Hall and Albert Haynesworth. Both of the deals contained significant amounts of guaranteed money that were to be paid in future years. These payments would have...

David Elfin: Washington Redskins Face Harsh Reality Following Harsh Penalty " CBS DC
Just when you thought the Redskins were going to be true winners in March came word that Washington’s salary cap room had shrunk like its winning percentage from the past two decades compared to the previous two.

DALY: Arrogance, ignorance come at a steep price in NFL - Washington Times
The Washington Redskins just can't help themselves, can they? They pull off a big deal designed to land Robert Griffin III, the wondrous quarterback from Baylor, and the Era of Good Feelings doesn't even last a week.

NFL's silly season kicks offwith the start of free agency - Washington Times
Open for business, wild as it might get. The NFL's calendar turns toward a new season Tuesday when free agency begins.

Peyton Manning visits Denver, Arizona as he tries to decide where he'll play next - Peter King -
PHOENIX -- Caught your breath yet?

PFF All Free Agent Team |

Khaled Elsayed brings you his All Free Agent team.

Eric Winston Hits the Market. Really? |

PFF's Khaled Elsayed looks at right tackle Eric Winston's worth in the wake of his surprising release from Houston.