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Laron Landry Rumors: Eagles, Jets the Frontrunners?

As thought by many, Laron Landry's time as a Redskin seems to be pretty much up. Dan Pompei of the National Football Post reported yesterday that its pretty much a done deal that Landry would not be back:

It was a mutual decision between LaRon Landry and the Redskins to divorce. Landry will be leaving as a free agent. The Redskins made a decision to move on from the gifted safety in part because Landry has not stayed healthy. He still is recovering from an Achilles injury that landed him on injured reserve. Landry did not have surgery on the injury as the team advised him to do. Landry, meanwhile, is looking for a fresh start in a new environment. It is likely he will sign a short term deal.

But Yahoo's Jason Cole is reporting that the Skins are still working to get Landry back:

Right now it seems as if the Jets are the frontrunners for Landry, with Philly following close behind. You have to also think that the Cowboys would get involved in this race.

Here is why ESPN's Rich Cimini thinks Landry is a perfect fit for the Jets:

"They need a safety and Landry probably is the best one in a market watered down by three franchise tags. The Redskins' former first-round pick (sixth overall in 2007) is coming off two injury-plagued seasons, so maybe his asking price won't be crazy. He's a beast as an in-the-box safety, but there are questions about his coverage ability -- and that's where the Jets need help."