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Who Should Mentor RG3?

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We've discussed some possibilities regarding the back up quarterback position in the past, mostly with a preference on younger options. But with the trade that send the second overall pick to Washington a more veteran option is likely needed. Most of all Robert Griffin III is going to need a mentor and I believe the best fit for RG3 is not Rex Grossman (shocker!) but former Jacksonville Jaguar, David Garrard.

Garrard has spent a decade in the league and a back surgery ended his quest to play in 2011. Bringing a guy in like Garrard would allow RG3 to learn from a true character guy and consummate professional. Garrard was in a similar situation last year with Blaine Gabbert, and was a class act through the process:

"I'm a teammate, period. I'm gonna make sure that, as a teammate, I do my job to help all my fellow teammates to be at their best," said Garrard while adding he relishes the chance to take Gabbert under his wing. The two already seem to be bonding in the locker room with Garrard praising the rookie's demeanor and willingness to learn.

"Blaine is one of my teammates -- he's a good guy, also -- so that makes it a little bit easier. But I'm gonna do whatever I can to make sure that I myself (am) ready, and then that he learns as well ... I just think that's the right thing to do." via USA Today

Garrard ended up being a financial casualty more than anything in Jacksonville and the consensus is he can still play. He could push RG3 in a "quarterback battle" this offseason and would be reliable in spot duty. Bringing Garrard here would be a lot like Charlie Batch in Pittsburgh, where there are also other options. If Roethlisberger goes down then Batch usually the guy called upon in a pinch. If Pittsburgh has time to prepare then it seems like Dennis Dixon or Byron Leftwich are preferred. The Redskins should follow a similar path with Garrard and perhaps another free agent or John Beck remaining on the squad.