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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays -- Tim Tebow and Robert Griffin III On the Same Team?

1. Take that, SEO gods. That is the headline equivalent of Egon and Venkman crossing their streams.

2. Dumb Thought of the Day: I told Danny Rouhier during my time with him yesterday on 106.7 The Fan that if the Broncos sign Peyton Manning, the Redskins should put a bid in for Tim Tebow. You could put split duties between RG3 and Tebow in that read option offense. Both guys are capable of killing you in that system in their own way. Most importantly, I think both men would appreciate the opportunity to work together to do something great. Kyle and Mike Shanahan would have a box full of toys on the sidelines, so everyone is happy. We already got sack-tapped by the Rams...we might as well give the Broncos a clean shot.

3. The trade between the Rams and the Redskins tells me one thing loudly and clearly: Bruce Allen is firmly in charge of this organization. (The rare Ten Yard Fight teaser.) If they pass out trophies for "Ballsy" you can expect to see Allen heading to the podium soon.

4. About that world class speed we need at wide receiver...ideas? Vincent Jackson is big enough to win balls in the air downfield but he is no speedster. Griffin can get outside the pocket and throw it a mile. We need receiver who flies up the field underneath RG3 bombs. (The success of those deep balls is vital to opening up the middle-depth patterns for Hank the Tank.)

5. Was that Parks jocking my "(Sign) Mario Williams in 2012" campaign? If Williams is up for grabs, the Redskins should be the highest bidders. I am a firm believer in getting the best eleven guys on the field. The Haynesworth experience does not deter me--Albert failed here because of Albert, not because of the scheme. These coordinators get paid millions--they should be able to figure out a way to use a guy like Mario Williams.

6. Here is one possible, longshot advantage of this trade: What happens if Indy starts taking calls now? If you were Irsay, would you seek a deal that nets you MORE than what the Rams just got? There's two quarterbacks in this draft everyone loves. The only way to get one of them now is trade with Indy. The Redskins could have potentially locked in one of the top two guys on the cheap--if there is a team out there willing to strap on a Bruce Allen-sized set of cajones.