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Does RG3 = Mario Williams?

Trading for the second overall pick with the Rams has ramifications all across the board from the draft to free agency. But does this trade open up unique opportunities that were not previously in play? One interesting idea is the addition of free agent outside linebacker/defensive end Mario Williams. But wait we're stacked at outside linebacker right? Of course its our position of most depth, but that can work to our favor.

Mario Williams will certainly cost a pretty penny, but we have one of the leagues top cap masseuse in Bruce Allen. Given the lack of high draft picks now, would it make sense for the Skins to pursue Williams, team him up with Ryan Kerrigan, and trade Brian Orakpo for a low first or high second round pick? Its certainly an idea worth pondering, as tough as it would be to move a fan favorite like Orakpo.

Furthermore would it make sense to do the trade even without Williams? Some, like Kevin Ewoldt, think guys like Rob Jackson and Markus White could step in and gainfully contribute right away. The beauty is we have options and ShanAllen certainly have some interesting ideas to bounce off the wall.