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Are the Pieces of a RG3 Trade Coming Together?

Will Mike Shanahan be able to make a deal with long-time friend Jeff Fisher?
Will Mike Shanahan be able to make a deal with long-time friend Jeff Fisher?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the Redskins and Robert Griffin III. A lot of people think the Redskins want to get Griffin, but just aren't sure how the Redskins will get Griffin. Depending on how free agency shakes out the Redskins likely only route to obtaining the Heisman trophy winner is a trade with the St. Louis Rams for the second overall pick. Lately there have even been rumors of the Daniel Snyder outright buying the pick from St. Louis for some much needed money to renovate the Edwards Jones Dome and keep the team in St. Louis. The legality of such a move has been questioned.

The likely proposed bounty for Griffin at this point is a 2012 first and second round pick, plus a first rounder in 2013. NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi recently went on Bill Simmon's BS report and noted a trade for the second overall pick is becoming increasingly likely:

"Mike Shanahan and Jeff Fisher are very close, If there's trade to be made, it'll happen between those two."

Also, KC Joyner had an interesting take on how RG3's skillset would greatly benefit the Redskins:

"To get an idea of just how aggressive Mike Shanahan likes to be in the passing game, consider that Rex Grossman was able to rank 12th in the league in vertical pass attempts (171) despite starting only 13 games last year. If Shanahan let Grossman, a noted risk-taker, throw deep that often, one can only imagine how often he would let Griffin do so."