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LaRon Landry Explains Achilles & Desire to Remain with Redskins

I came across this recent Bleacher Report article where the writer spoke with Landry first hand and at length regarding his Achilles injury. I saw that Landry re-tweeted this article, so it's safe to say Dirty 30 validated it. I recommend the entire read, but here are some of the major parts.

Landry prefaced the Achilles story that the Redskins originally wanted him to get shoulder surgery, but that the second and third opinions he got said surgery was not needed and "PRP" treatment would work. And it did. So, one can see why Landry is hesitant to trust the Redskins medical staff. As for the Achilles:

"This year, I went back to the same doctor in Anderson and he instructed the best thing for me was to get open up and fully cut my Achilles and that's a tough surgery as it takes a year and a half to heal," he continued.

"So I went to get a second and a third opinion and everyone I've talked to, and not to criticize Dr. Anderson, but they said, ‘why would you want to operate on that Achilles' when there are other options to healing?' So that's where the hick-up comes in with the team. I told them I wanted to try the other procedure and it's better than the PRP and the procedure would allow my body and heel to strengthen, along with my bone structure and tendons, instead of cutting and taking away those things. It would heal on its own, so why not grant me the opportunity to do this procedure before going through a major surgery?"

For the people that think Landry is done in D.C., hold onto those 30 jerseys. When the Redskins get a chance to evaluate Landry later this month, things could change financially. I certainly am a lot more optimistic than I was twenty four hours ago.