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Video of the Redskins 1988 Super Bowl Parade

I can't do anything online today without coming across pictures of the Giants' Super Bowl parade. I'm not bitter or anything. It's their week, let them have their fun, but if I'm going to watch a parade, it's gonna be a Redskins one. With it being 20 years since the Redskins have won the big one, I'm surprised I was actually able to find video - IN COLOR NONE THE LESS!! There are literally no pictures anywhere online I can find of any of the Redskins three parades. If you have them at home, upload them to Flickr already (or here). Some of the crowd shots are quite amazing along Constitution Ave.

  • Best part of video: Ronald Reagan throws a nice pass to Ricky Sanders here. The Gipper looked to have the same arm strength as Brunell in his last season.
  • Worst part: The credits run the entire part of the video. I'll take what I can get.