I Ran Into Jim Haslett and We Talked QB Draft, Manning, Trading Up

Note: This is a fan post from the community.

While attending my daughter's club volleyball tournament at the Hampton Roads Coliseum and Conference Center, I met and talked with Jim Haslett. He was there with his daughter's team as well, and we were both staying at the Embassy Suits adjacent to Conference Center. Early Saturday morning, while teams and families were eating the amazing breakfast buffet, I caught out of the corner of my eye, Jim Haslett. It couldn't be. When it comes to celebrities, I am never that lucky. Having finished breakfast, I thought, do I continue on my way out, or do I rudely interrupt breakfast with his family. As I proceeded to leave the building, Hogs Haven brethren came to mind, and I realized I must risk shame and embarrassment for the greater good. At least we did have one thing in common, our daughters played club volleyball.

As I approached his table, I asked if he were Jim Haslett. He answered in the affirmative and I continued by telling him that minus Chief Zee and iH8dallas, I was the Redskins number 1 fan and that it was a great honor to meet him. Well not only did he stand up to shake my hand, but he also introduced me to his wife, and we talked briefly about our daughters volleyball teams and how they were doing in the tournament.

So enough of the small talk, I had to know what the front office plans were for the draft. Here's a list of what I learned from our conversation:

  • They are not interested in Matt Flynn. I am eating major crow here. I have written several posts outlining why I was convinced that Matt Flynn was going to be the Redskin's next QB. I am no Nostradamus. When I asked about Flynn, he said he was a below average QB coming out of college, with poor arm strength, balls hitting the ground, etc. The sense around the front office is that he did little to erase that evaluation and that his success against the Lions on January 1, 2012 was more of an anomaly than the norm.
  • With the exception of Luck and RG111, they have been very disappointed by the QB's in this year's draft class. He didn't elaborate on where he saw these QB's up close (I'm thinking the Senior Bowl.) But contrary to many thoughts, Foles, Tannehill, Moore, Weeden, Wilson, among many others none were impressive. Haslett said at least twice, that they were discouraged by this year's QB class.
  • They are strongly considering trading up with St. Louis Rams. He said, they have already talked with Jeff Fisher about the possibility. He did not elaborate on the details, other than to say they had talked with Fisher and are serious about getting a good QB. So again, I am eating crow, since I thought the Redskins would trade down for extra picks. They are not trading down, since they do not believe the QB's in the later rounds are talented enough to lead the team. Haslett believes the team is good enough to win, if they just had one of the two talented QB's at top.
  • The Redskins are also seriously looking at acquiring Peyton Manning. According to Haslett, Allen has some connections with some people in Indianapolis and mentioned discussions surrounding Peyton in a Redskins uniform have already begun behind the scenes.
  • Rex Grossman might remain as backup. Although Haslett did not commit to this, he did say they liked Rex's knowledge of the offense and his ability to move the ball. Unfortunately, he acknowledged these abilities come with an average of 3-4 costly turnovers per game.
  • There are two things I learned about Jim Haslett that make him an exceptional coach. First, he is a humble man who has not let his pay check and his celebrity status go to his head. He had every right to snub me for interrupting his time with his family and instead he treated me like his next door neighbor. I think this is a quality that makes exceptional leaders. Joe Gibbs was the same way. Secondly, he simply loved talking football. I am sure most football coaches do as well, but I wonder if some just grow tired of the sport and go through the motions. I got the impression that Jim Haslett still loves the game as I could tell he enjoyed disusing the prospects of improving the team and winning again.
  • Jim Haslett has a gold Cadillac Escalade. He loves the game, but I'm sure he loves his paycheck too.