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When will the Redskins go to the Super Bowl?

I'll be 26 years old next month, which means I was born in 1986 (I know some struggle with math in this community). I've been told the Redskin have won two Super Bowls in my lifetime, but I don't really remember. Instead I have a memory that begins with the illustrious head coaching career of Norv Turner and a big time quarterback named Heath Shuler. That means, my brain has been through 18 seasons with only three playoff appearances.

I don't even know what winning is or how you do it. Instead of idolizing hardworking, high character guys like Darrell Green shape my view on this team, I grew up in an era where guys like Lavar Arrington, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, and others would do nothing but disappoint you. Sure they'd give you a taste of a good individual performance or a wild card game once in a blue moon, but there was no team, no Washington Redskins. Just a bunch of individuals looking out for number one and looking for a paycheck, and when the well ran dry they would just head elsewhere looking for somewhere else to get paid.

This day each year makes me jealous and makes me reflect. When will the Redskins make it back to a Super Bowl?

This is more of team right? Shanny is bringing in quality men, guys that look out for each other. Will this translate into annual playoff appearances and Super Bowl appearances? Man...I hope so. Winning one in the Giants house in 2014 sure would be nice...