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Plaxico Burress Predicts Drew Brees to the Redskins

Hey! I found a picture of a QB celebrating at Fedex Field.
Hey! I found a picture of a QB celebrating at Fedex Field.

Via 1067 THE FAN, specifically the Lavar and Dukes show, Plaxico Burress had quite the prediction:

"I have a strange prediction for what I believe is going to happen." Burress said. "I believe that Drew Brees is going to land in Washington."

Chad Dukes asked why he thought this...

"To test the free agent market. I think he's done enough for that organization where they should have signed him during the season. We all know Dan Snyder likes to spend a little bread. I don't know why, but that''s how I feel."

A few things about Brees. He's not a money sucking guy that goes to the top bidder. There's loyalty there. Just two weeks ago, Brees told the Associated Press he would be "beyond stunned" if he and the Saints don't reach an agreement on a contract extension. In addition, Brees is completely ingrained in New Orleans, including the Brees Dream foundation to help NO children. (one of about four I saw from a quick Google search). Oh yeah, and the Redskins stink with no WR weapons.

So, here are a few things I think are more likely to happen than Brees signing with D.C. (feel free to add your own in the comments):

  • The Pope renounces Catholicism and converts to Islam.
  • Jerry Jones publicly announces he will no longer have any plastic surgeries.
  • Bob Kraft relegates Bill Belichick's duties and hires Vinny Cerrato as Director of Player Pro Personnel.
  • Albert Haynesworth goes 7 months without a lawsuit.
  • Paris Hilton vows and succeeds with abstinence.
  • I stay sober during the Super Bowl.