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If The Redskins Sign Peyton, There Will Be No Saturday

The teams salivating for a shot at acquiring Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning got the answer to their prayers yesterday. Two doctors, one being the last surgeon to operate on him, have cleared Peyton to play. Teams like the Jets, Browns, Dolphins, and of course, the Redskins all have quarterback situations. I can guarantee the topic has come up more than once in each of their front offices.

Many news sources and insiders believe that bringing in Peyton to any squad would involve some sort of package deal. One of those scenarios involves Jeff Saturday. I would like to try my rapping skills here: Stay away Saturday.

How was that?

I wouldn't mind Peyton in Washington, the details of which, I will get into a little. That's not the point of this. The point is, I don't want Saturday. Not because he's old (late 30's), or because he plays bad (which actually, he doesn't), but because of continuity.

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I am definitely not against Peyton in Washington, given he is 100% and WANTS to be here. I don't see how either of those is 100% guaranteed, so we will see how that pans out.

Jeff Saturday, however, I can definitely say I don't want.

His play speaks for itself, 13 years with Peyton Manning's hands in his crotch is actually an accomplishment. Seriously, Saturday has been Peyton's reliable bodyguard for a long time and probably has a few good seasons left in him. A few.

But the Redskins have this terrible habit of ditching their solid players in hopes of new (or old) shiny ones. Will Montgomery has been a solid center, and I don't believe we should count him out. If we start removing elements of the Redskins team that are established (The line as a whole isn't, but Montgomery should be) it sends a bad message to the players: "We want to bring in Peyton, but we have to bring _____ and _____ and _____ too, so even though you guys work your asses off..."

Saturday is a pro-bowl center. He's got experience that any team would want, and is one of the Colts' most reliable players (has only missed 6 games since 2000). But we have been bitten by this snake before. It's time to stop walking down that path.

Continuity: The unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.

I have an equation for you.

Redskins + Saturday - Mongomery ≠ Continuity

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