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Ten Yard Fight: Now With 1,000,000% MORE Robert Griffin III!

1. When are the Colts going to wake up and put their top pick publicly up for sale like the Rams did? This is the exact kind of situation where Herschel Walker trades go down. EVERYONE LOVES LUCK AND GRIFFIN. Someone is going to gladly bend over here. Gladly. Joyfully. Teams will be racing to the top of Mt. Stupid. The Colts could get the kind of call that reinvents their team overnight. You can always choose to keep the pick...but put the blood in the water. Let the sharks whip themselves into a frenzy.

2. I did predict the Colts would take Robert Griffin III--not that you could tell by every general manager calling the Rams for the rights to him. I guess you really have to see it if you want to believe that Indy is into RG3. I think that no matter who ends up with him, RG3 is going #1 overall. There are enough teams swirling around Griffin to cause something nutty to happen.

3. No matter how great a potential deal seems, the Colts and Rams will undoubtedly weigh--among other things--the possibility that they would be the team that traded away the rights to a Hall of Famer.

4. As a Redskins fan, the prospect of a player like Griffin playing in Washington is exciting, but so is having first and second round picks. As Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan carefully determine what the most they would pay for Griffin is, they will undoubtedly weigh--among other things--the possibility that they would be the team that refused to pay a little more for a Hall of Famer.

5. Hall of Fame might be a little much...but they will certainly come at Hall of Fame prices.

6. The idea of Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne being a package deal has been discussed here plenty. The deal is becoming more and more Redskins-friendly. We would probably take Jeff Saturday also to seal the deal if we had to. I can just hear Shanahan telling Peyton, "Your grandmother can start at tight end and your cousin can be our punter. Whatever."

7. Think about how excited you are right now about all the possible quarterback scenarios. A lot of pretty cool results are all in play right now. We may disagree on whether a transaction is the right thing to do, but there is some intriguing upside to a number of options.

8. Now imagine how you will be feeling when you tune into the season opener and good old #8 is under center.

9. Most exciting possibility: Robert Griffin III starting at quarterback for the Redskins in the season opener on Monday Night Football at FedEx Field. I can just feel ESPN waiting to find out where Griffin goes before scheduling that game...more than Luck.

10. Most intriguing possibility: Andrew Luck starting at quarterback for the Redskins. By all accounts, it seems we are willing to give away the house for Griffin. Why not give the house away for Luck? The Colts should want to do that deal. Come on, Indy...wake up.