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Trumaine Johnson a Perfect Fit in DC?

In early December we profiled Montana cornerback Trumaine Johnson. Johnson has since climbed up draft boards and is now regarded as the third or fourth best cornerback in the draft. So if you're watching DBs today at the combine then be sure to keep an ey on Johnson

Johnson may be the most polished pass defender in the draft but still could drop to the third round because of the small school aspect of his status. I really think Johnson would be a run-away steal with the Redskins 3rd rounder, or a late 2nd rounder if we trade back.

Strengths: The first thing you will notice is Johnson is a big, physical corner at 6'2, 205 lbs. He can flex to both cornerback and safety, but really excels in run support and shedding blockers. Johnson is also fast for his size, he was recruited to play wide receiver at Montana before switching to the defensive backfield. When it comes to pass protection, Johnson has long arms and has the ability to win a jump ball. He's become a lock-down defender for Montana and is one of the best corners in the country.

Weaknesses: Johnson has had some minor injury issues in the past, as well as some academic lapses that held him out of Spring practice. At times you'll see him fooled and bite on the play action, he needs to be more consistent to become a starting NFL corner.

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