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Combine Interviews: Zebrie Sanders Talks Shanahan and Playing the Voila

6054, 320lbs. Has played both left and right Tackle.
6054, 320lbs. Has played both left and right Tackle.

Continuing my run through Shanahan's Senior Bowl South roster, up next is Florida State OLineman, Zebrie Sanders. Sanders is a projected second round pick, and despite struggling at the Senior Bowl, he brings familiarity having run a zone blocking scheme at Florida State.

What did you learn your week at the Senior Bowl with the Shanahans?

Just how much of a grind it was. Way way faster level of play. Playing with the best talent, you really can't take a play off. All the different techniques and stuff and fundamentals. I learned a lot. The little stuff. It was a neat experience for me.

Other reporter questions...

How many hands have twisted your body?

Probably 50 all in the week, there's like 8 or 9 doctors looking at you like an alien or something.

You played violin as a kid?

Actually viola.

Last time you played?

When I graduated high school. I'm done with that now. It was a good childhood memory. My mom made me do it, it was cool though.

Why viola, not violin?

It's bigger for a bigger person.

What chair did you get to in the orchestra?

Second chair, I was pretty good.

So you had to fit in the concerts around football?

Definitely. Do practice, then go home real quick, change into a tuxedo and go play a
concert, that was my school dreams.

I haven't heard "Hail to the Redskins" played on a voila before, but I'm ready for it.