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Chris Rainey on What He Learned Senior Bowl Week: "Nothing"

The media questions and player responses are pretty much the same for each interview. Well, not with Chris Rainey. The guy exudes swag, which certainly is not a knock, but I'll let Chris do the talking.

Kevin: You got to work with the Shanahans Senior Bowl week. What did you learn about the NFL coming out of Senior Bowl week that you didn't know going in?

Nothing. I knew everything. I came from a great system, a great program in Florida. They prepare you for the real life. NFL. Everything. So, ain't nothing different.

OK, so wouldn't he have been coached up to respond with something like, "Just working extra hard...staying focused...blah blah"? I dig deeper...

How was your relationship with (Redskins RB Coach) Bobby T over Senior Bowl week and what feedback did he give you?

Umm....(8 second pause). Great coach. Umm. Laid back. All he said was 'Do your thang.' That's all.

That's some fine coaching right there. Rainey's stats are very impressive over his 5-year career, but he's been arrested, so he carries that baggage. Check out the picture caption for more details on that.

What's your faster 40?

4.23 at Florida. And that was on grass. And this is turf here so I know I'll run faster than that.

Stay tuned for this 40.