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QBs Nick Foles and Ryan Lindley Talk About Senior Bowl Week with the Shanahans

I've spent my day running around interviewing all the players the Redskins staff coached at the Senior Bowl. I've got a back log of interviews to transcribe, but here are how Nick Foles and Ryan Lindley talked about working with the Shanahans in Mobile, Alabama. In talking with Ryan Lindley, it was very clear how detailed-oriented Kyle Shanahan is (in a good sense). Lindley said that QBs spent a lot of time on footwork drills. Both QB prospects had high praise for the younger Shanahan. Also listed is their combine weigh-ins:

Arizona, QB, Nick Foles, 6045/243:

I really enjoyed it with them throughout the week. The big thing I got from coach Shanahan is he expects you to do things right, show up on time, it's the little things. Being a good teammate. We were only with them a week, and Kyle, he expects you to run the play right no matter what. He demands that, and that's good. I really enjoyed working with him. It's a great honor. I grew up watching Coach Shanahan when he was with the Broncos with Elway. It was a great honor to work with him.

San Diego State, QB, Ryan Lindley, 6036/229:

Yes, it was great having the Redskins staff. His son, Kyle, was a great OC for us. We had a lot of great coaches that really taught us. You get the idea that once you get to the NFL it's a lot less about fundamentals and technique and teaching. But our coach was down on fundamentals and teaching us and a lot .

What's an example?

We'd do bag drills. Different things before practice, through practice in our individual time that you wouldn't expect. It was really about fine tuning.

Nick Foles on his strengths and weaknesses...

I think my strength is my ability to learn. I can feel it when I mess up, my footwork has always been something ... when I say footwork, that's such a large thing. What is footwork? Footwork is keeping my feet underneath me, always being ready to throw, always being ready to deliver the ball at any given time, having a good base, following through the throw - where my balance is. Little things like that that I will continue to be working on which will always help me in playing this game.

I know the big thing is I played in a gun a lot. I played under center before. My sophomore and junior year I played under Center some. I was a freshman at Michigan State and most of that was under center. In high school I was 50-50. SO, I am comfortable under center, I love being in the gun. It really doesn't matter to me. You can do different things. I can do both.

I'll tell you. When meeting these guys, it was easy to tell these guys are hungry to learn and compete.

Brandon Weeden interview also answered my questions. I'll post that up next.