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Redskins, Cowboys Set for an Offseason Bidding War?

According to Sirius/XM's Rich Gannon free agent offensive guard Carl Nicks is expected to get paid big this offseason:

Carl Nicks sounds like he wants to get paid saying Jahri Evans contract was signed 2yrs ago and he expects to make more this time around!

Evan's contract with the Saints was a seven-year, $56.7 million contract, a pretty hefty price tag to say the least. Its clear the Saints believe that protecting their most valuable asset, Drew Brees, is very important. The question is, will the Redskins feel the same way? I hope so, and Scouts Inc's Gary Horton also conveys why Nicks would make sense:

The Redskins' interior line really struggled in both pass and rush offense. Their quarterbacks were hit the third most in the league, and the run game between the tackles was nonexistent. They should look to find someone they can pair up with left tackle Trent Williams to solidify that side of the line.

Of course this isn't anything new to Redskins fans. The fact that, as of right now, the only two teams linked to Nicks are the 'gals and Skins means a lot and presents a unique opportunity. It's almost a win-win for General Manager Bruce Allen. He can A) land one the NFL's best guards with his copious amount of cap room or... B) Run the price up on ole Jurrah. It seems like its going to be an extreme game of chicken between the two rivals. My question to Skins fans is how important is it to keep Nicks away from Big D? Is he a missing piece that could propel the Cowboys into the playoffs?