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Clinton Portis Thinks Combine Hurts More than It Helps and RG3 is Best QB in Draft

The combine kicks off today in Indianapolis. I'll be flying out there tomorrow afternoon, so if there's any prospects you'd especially like me to ask questions to, please add them in the comments below. One of the biggest takeaways I had last year was how big Ryan Kerrigan was and how small Casey Matthews was. I've always thought the combine was more of a show, but it does add value in some areas:

  • 1-on-1 Interviews - If a team is going to burn a high pick on a guy, the combine is the time to ask the prospect about any past issues or anything questionable coaches have seen on film. "Why did you shift left on this play?" "What did you learn from that game?"
  • Strength - Coaches have seen every collegiate snap from these guys. Did they bulk up? Are they in good shape? Did they get faster? There always seem to be a couple guys that regress from their time off.
That being said, I do agree with Clinton Portis, who had this to say on Steve Wyche's podcast:
"I think the combine actually hurts more guys than it helps," Portis said. "The microscope is on to judge you, to figure out what you can't do, they already know what you can do. Where in football does a broad jump mean anything? You don't see anyone jump from the 5 to the end zone, standing off of two feet from a standstill. Give me a running start and let me dive across! I think it hurts more people than it helps."

Clinton also thinks Andrew Luck shouldn't be the first pick of the draft. That should go to...

"If it were up to me, Griffin would be the first pick in the draft," Portis said. "Andrew Luck with the fundamentals and his career, he won every game he played. But on the flip side, if you look at the kid from Boise State (Kellen Moore), who is the same way, but he lost three games in his college career, how do you not take him?"

Of course, Ken Meringolo was the first person anywhere to draft Robert Griffin III first in our last Hogs Haven mock draft. Kellen Moore is an interesting one. I'd have no problem burning a very late draft pick on him. Based on the current QB situation, the Redskins can't get worse. And just think, we can have the "Cult of Kellen" Fan Posts running all year.