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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays -- President's Day Mattress Sales Make a Lot of Sense

1. Rodskins has gone national. I have been receiving emails this weekend from all over with links tracking the story from to as well as other sports news sites. I have not heard if our pastor friend from North Carolina has done any national appearances, but it would seem Jim Haslett is continuing his denial of all things Rodskins.

2. I was thinking I would use this space each week to solicit any requests for topics of discussion on the upcoming Hogs Haven podcast. Obviously we will toss around the usual free agency and draft business but any good ideas mentioned here will surely be brought up by the crew on Wednesday nights.

3. Can we get our "There is no way Peyton Manning is 100% so can we please not sign him?" debate out of the least for this hour?

4. As most of you know from listening to our show last week, while there is little excitement surrounding Rex Grossman's return, there is little doubt that he will return. Kevin has committed to either horseback riding or a part-time career in house-painting on Sundays next fall if Rex is our quarterback. I can't imagine doing either...the former chafes your loins, while the latter chaps your ass. One thing I believe is true: watching Rex play sometimes feels the same as when you breathe in a lot of paint fumes.

5. The Caps and Ted Leonsis have engaged in ticket sales practices designed to keep opposing fans out of The Phone Booth--most notably in a Pittsburgh playoff series shortly after Leonsis took over. Now the Lerners are actively engaged in trying to fill the ballpark with Nationals fans instead of Philly fans. Does anyone out there think Dan Snyder cares who buys tickets to come see Redskins games at FedEx Field?

6. I wonder what George Washington would say if he was somehow informed that a national holiday created to honor him and our other great presidents had somehow become synonymous with mattress sales? I know two presidents that would be pleased: GW Bush and Clinton. Bush was a noted lover of naps and Clinton was a noted lover...let's sell some mattresses!