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Daily Slop : Allen: Redskins 'have a game plan' for QB; Is Marques Colston the best fit for the Redskins?

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Is Marques Colston the best fit for the Redskins? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
There are hundreds of NFL players who will be free agents on March 13 and Pete Prisco of decided to match up one of them to each NFL team. The player he saw as the perfect fit for the Redskins was Saints receiver Marques Colston.

Redskins hire Phillip Daniels as director of player development - The Insider - The Washington Post
The Washington Redskins on Friday announced the hiring of former defensive end Phillip Daniels as director of player development.

Who's open for Redskins in wide receiver market?
If prime players like Dwayne Bowe get franchise tags, the Redskins may find it difficult to shop in the free-agent market for wide receivers.

Full season snap count notes: Redskins defense – Blogging the bEast

DALY: Redskins' QB situation is desperate, uncertain - Washington Times
What the Washington Redskins are looking for in their quarterback search, what they desperately need their next QB to be, is something that doesn't really exist: A Sure Thing.

Allen: Redskins 'have a game plan' for QB

On Redskins Nation GM Bruce Allen confirmed the team plans to acquire a quarterback this off-season and has a specific plan to do so.

Hall improved vs. the run in 2011 - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

By Rich Tandler According to the guys at Pro Football Focus, DeAngelo Hall is a very good tackler. Say what?

McShay: Redskins have options in NFL draft - The Insider - The Washington Post

The sixth overall pick puts Washington "inside that safe zone."

The Redskins only have a Couple of Choices at Quarterback | February

Once the Peyton Manning hype runs its course and Manning lands in one of just a few destinations he is considering, Redskins fans will be resigned to glancing towards the draft to find tomorrow's quarterback today.

The Redskins Blog | Addressing A Redskins Need For Speed

The Combine is a time to measure every tangible element of a prospective players’ game: speed, strength, obstacle courses and hand size. It’s a time of quick risers and tragic falls, as teams try to decide who will be the future faces of their franchise. Blogs " Blog Archive Playbook: Free-spending ‘Skins have options this offseason "

Far be it for us to speculate about what the Redskins will do this offseason. Any big name on the free-agent market, Washington is willing to pay the biggest price. So, instead of trying to séance with Dan Snyder’s money and pinpoint where it will go, let’s try and find areas where it might be well-placed.

The Early 90′s = Bad Redskins T’s | Fatpickled

I've covered ugly Redskins T's on this site before and the common theme always seems to be that the shirts originated in the early 90's. From the era that news: Redskins' Haslett forced to deny QB talk after fan's report

When you're the defensive coordinator of the Redskins nothing you say is off the record. For Jim Haslett, that apparently includes conversations over a hotel breakfast.

Clinton Portis wants to come back - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

The news that Clinton Portis wants to play football again was met with a giant yawn among Redskins fans.

A few things you may not know about the top two QBs in the draft - Peter King -

It's time to meet and get to know a whole new group of NFL prospects. Starting Thursday in Indianapolis, 326 players, 750 media members and 900 agents or so will collide at the stadium the Manning brothers made famous, Lucas Oil, for the rites of passage from college to pro football known as the NFL Scouting Combine.

Ride the wave: 250 fans will watch drills at this year’s scouting combine | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Read 'Ride the wave: 250 fans will watch drills at this year’s scouting combine' from our blog Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! Sports. After putting about 7,000 fans in Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium at $25 a pop for Super Bowl Media Day, the NFL is now letting fans in for the scouting combine drills,

Talks on HGH testing will continue at Scouting Combine | ProFootballTalk

The NFL and the NFLPA will get together in Indy next week to discuss a variety of issues. One of the biggest? HGH testing.

Ranking the 2012 Free Agents: Tight Ends |

With tight ends taking on an increasing key role in the modern offense, Sam Monson lets you know who the top 5 tight ends are for the 2012 free agency.

Ranking the 2012 Free Agents: Outside Linebackers |

The top free agent outside linebackers detailed by John Breitenbach for the 2012 offseason.

League remains intent on exploring full-time officials | ProFootballTalk
Last month, before a playoff game between the Texans and Ravens, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will consider making some of the league's game officials full-time employees. The NFL apparently remains intent on doing so. NFL V.P.