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Redskins Prospects: Players All-Star Classic

You thought the all-star games were over...WRONG! There is one more national all-star game remaining this weekend, and the South roster holds the key to the Redskins returning to prominence in 2012 and beyond. The game is the Players All-Star Classic and will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend.

Graham Gano may be the most polarizing player on the Redskins. Some see improvement and some see a guy that has blown multiple games over the past two years, one thing is clear...Gano needs competition. Therefore Redskins' fans I give you the South team kicker Long Ding of Norwich University. Seriously, look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't by a Long Ding jersey. Ding's illustrious career at Norwich had him connecting on 13 of 16 field goals, and 33 of 34 extra points. It doesn't get any better than that people!

Other prospects to keep an eye on after the jump:

Pretty much all of the prospects in this event are very late round prospects or undrafted free agents, but as we've seen in the past these guys can definitely contribute.

Marcus Rivers, WR, Buffalo: Rivers is 6'3, 211 lbs and could be a good project for the Skins to develop a big, physical possession receiver.

Christo Bilukidi, DL, Georgia State: The 6'4, 305 lbs defensive lineman may be another guy to take a shot on as a project. He's pretty athletic given his size and could likely contribute at either defensive line position.

Alex Tanney, QB, Monmouth: Wes Bunting sees Tanney as a guy that should get a shot in camp somewhere:

The 6-3, 217-pound signal caller displays quick feet when asked to set and when he balances his lower half and snaps though the hips he can really spin the football. At times he gets upright and rolls toward his target negating his velocity, but he’s a raw piece of clay that can certainly be molded.

Finally, if Long Ding is enough to draw you into this game then maybe a thirst to see Jordan Jefferson chuck it around one last time will convince you.