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Hogs Haven Staff Meeting Podcast: Five Jerks and a British Dude that's not the name of the show, but one that we have tossed around. We have changed formats from last time so the naming process continues. The ideas suggested by the commenters last week were definitely some of the best ones we have, so keep them coming. ("Keeping Up With the Shanahans" is a leader in the clubhouse right now, but we are getting there.) We are going with a far looser, more informal format--more of a group meeting than a planned out show. Enjoy. A content guide and links to the mp3's are after the jump.

Hogs Haven Radio 2-15-12 Part 1

Hogs Haven Radio 2-15-12 Part 2

Here is a rough, quick guide to the content (links to the mp3 version of each part can be found by clicking on either "Part 1" or "Part 2"):

Part 1

Start -- WR discussion
10:15 -- Shanahans discussion
17:15 -- Quarterbacks
23:40 -- Cooley

Part 2

1:54 -- Safety
8:56 -- Offensive line
14:15 -- Mario Williams
16:56 -- Myers/Centers
21:40 -- Rex Grossman
23:00 -- Will the offense be upgraded?