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Redskins Are $47 Million Under the Cap. Some Things That Can Buy...

John Clayton of ESPN just tallied the new salary cap numbers given all the new CBA rules:

One of the new parts of the NFL collective bargaining agreement is the ability of teams to roll over remaining cap room into the next season. The 2011 season finished with $320 million of remaining cap room...Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins has plenty of room to get quarterback and receiver help, thanks to $47.56 million of cap space.

The Chiefs, Benglals, and Bucs are slightly over $60mil. The Giants are currently $7.3 mil over the cap. So, exactly how much is $47.56 mil? Here's an idea:

OK, so here are some real NFL players $46 mil can buy:

  • 1 London Fletcher. His first contract with the Redskins was 5 years, $25 million, including $10.5m in bonuses. I'd expect that same price range with a 3-year deal and decent bonus where the final two years don't hurt the Skins if Fletcher needs to be cut for whatever reasons.
  • 1 Vincent Jackson - Mike Lombardi expects VJax is looking for a 5-year, $50 mil deal. I think that's very high given VJax just turned 29 and has suspension red flags.
  • 1 Free Agent QB
  • 1 top Corner Back
Free agency is going to be awesome people. Bruce Allen introducing all of our new free agents with Scarlett Johansson on their sides...hail yeah!