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Ten Yard Fight: Who's Getting Valentines Today?


1. Whether you believe in the magic that has been commercially injected into this day or not, one thing will always be true: some people need the opportunity, excuse and occasion to express their true feelings. Since I consider myself to be a true servant of the community, I have prepared some special Redskins Valentines. For the people they are intended to benefit, all you have to do is sign them!

2. From: Dan Snyder/To: Peyton Manning
"Dear Peyton,
I have chased after big name free agents before, but you would be my Mona Sistine Chapel. I might own the Redskins, but you own my heart. Please...and I mean this in whatever way gets this deal done: Be mine!"

3. From: Rodskins/To: Jim Haslett
"Dear Jim,
There is nothing I love more than a breakfast buffet. But when you caught my eye while I was waiting in line at the omelet station, I knew that it was going to be the greatest meal for some time. We shared crispy bacon, Belgian waffles, and most of the blueprint for the Redskins offseason. Please don't be mad at me...we still have to talk about what we are going to do at safety and inside linebacker."
Love, Rodskins

4. From: Bruce Allen/To: Donovan McNabb
"Dear Don Burgundy,
From the bottom of my heart...thanks for sucking out loud in Minnesota. I am not sure I could have handled you taking the Vikings to the playoffs or beyond."
Your friend, Bruce

5. From: John Beck/To: John Beck
"Dear John,
Who has two thumbs and believes you will end up enshrined in Canton, Ohio as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play this game? THIS GUY! "
Love, JB

6. From: Fred Davis/To: Trent Williams
"Dear Trent,
The 'Five O'Clock Club' has nothing on us...starting the 'Twenty Minutes Past Four' club was the smartest idea EVER! They can take our urine samples...but they can never take...OUR FREEDOM!"
Sincerely, #83

7. From: Danny Smith/To: Graham Gano
"Dear GG,
So what if you have been near the bottom of the league in field goal accuracy? So what if the mere sight of you on the field late in the game brings on a rash of heart failure in the stands? So what if you couldn't kick a can down the street without it getting blocked? So what if you are likely the reason I may ultimately lose my job...wait, where was I? Happy freaking Valentines Day."
Regards, Danny

8. From: Perry Riley/To: London Fletcher
"Dear London,
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your mentoring and wisdom. Thank you for proving that size and age matter less than heart and determination. Thank you for preparing me to someday take your place. Just out of curiosity...when do you plan on that happening?"
Not getting any younger (but seriously..thanks!), Perry

9. From: Mike Shanahan/To: Albert Haynesworth
"Dear Albert,
I was running 50 miles this morning and thought of you. Some people would argue the Patriots never would have gotten to the Super Bowl without you. Those people--delusional idiots--really help me appreciate what you did for us here in Washington...on that one that loss. Good times.
Keep on...keep on truckin'"

10. From: Redskins fan (me)/To: wife (St. Megan)
"Dear St. Megan,
Behind every great Redskins fan is a woman who has no clue how a man can possibly devote so much time and energy to a team that sometimes seems to go out of its way to take massive dumps on its fanbase (too romantic?). You have redefined the word "amazing" as you made sure our Sundays were cleared to watch some of the worst football allowed on television. You stood by me even after I got kicked out of a bar for screaming "Suck it, Dallas!" at a video screen on which the Cowgirls may or may not have been playing. You understood (or pretended to at least) why I had to take a couple days off when Sean Taylor died. You have learned the rules of the game and you are beginning to understand some of the misery that goes with being a DC sports fan--for that I am very sorry. The fact that both of our kids have July birthdays only means that you were there to comfort me after at least two very tough losses. You are the Sherm Lewis to my Jim Zorn. Someday, I hope to be able to employ a loving Redskins metaphor that is actually complimentary. This site is not possible without all of your hard work. Sure, being married to a blogger sounds glamorous, but you know the reality is a little grittier than that. From the bottom of my heart, please know that I could never find happiness writing every day if I didn't get to wake up next to the greatest woman on the entire planet. Happy Valentine's Day!