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Redskins "Big Name" Trade Targets

Since Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen have taken the reigns for the Redskins we have been one of the most active teams there has been on trade market. Some have been good, Adam Carriker and Jabar Gaffney come to mind, and some bad, Donovan McNabb. ShanAllen have also been very active in trading within the draft, something I won't be surprised to see again. But outside of the draft, who are some guys the Skins could target this year to improve their 2012 squad? I don't think we have as many trade chips this year, but you never know what kind of junk other teams may want.

Ryan Clady, OT: Community question, would you trade the #6 overall pick for Ryan Clady? I would and I think that would be a steal. I think he'd cost more than that, but why not give John Fox a call. Clady was originally drafted by Shanahan, is 25, and is already a two-time Pro Bowler. This move makes even more sense if Peyton Manning is brought in, rather than a young QB.

Brandon Marshall, WR: I'm not big on headcase, bi-polar wide receivers but will Joe Philbin want to deal with Brandon Marshall's "baggage"? I think if anyone can control Marshall its Shanny. Isn't Marshall the big play guy we're looking for? BMarsh may not garner as much as he used to and we could be able to obtain him for a 3rd or 4th round pick.

Asante Samuel, CB: Samuel's contract is still humongous and I think he'd be more likely to be cut than traded but with the super deep free agent corner market could the Skins get Samuel on the cheap? Maybe even a late round pick? Samuel has been grilled the past couple of years but I still believe he is an upgrade over anyone else in our backfield.

Aqib Talib, CB: Simply put, this guy is a moron. But he's a talented moron. Raheem Morris stuck with him in Tampa, so would the Redskins be willing to take a cheap flyer on Talib? Morris could certainly give him more individual attention in DC and help keep him out of trouble.

The question isn't what big names could end up in DC, but what minor moves could help this club like the Carriker and Gaffney deals?