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John Beck Still Confident He Can Be the Guy

John Beck was on the Gordon Monson Show recently to talk about hunting, Redskins, and BYU football. It's quite a long interview, but John Beck is still confident he can be the guy:

I feel without a doubt I can be a better Quarterback. I told our coaches this at the end of the season. I went into Coach Shanahan's office and said, "I want to play right now." This is very frustrating for me to have had my opportunity, to made the most of it when he put me in, I made the most of it, but the games following it didn't go the way we wanted. It's tough for me to say now I'm not playing. I'm like "Coach, I want to play because having that experience I know I can play better." And he said, "I know you can too, but right now we're in this situation. There'll be another opportunity down the road and you just got to make sure you're ready for it." So, there's where my mindset is at. I believe there will be another opportunity. When it comes I have no control over.

Beck is quite candid in this interview talking about a couple conversations he had with Shanahan after the Buffalo game. It is very clear Beck has a lot of respect for Shanahan, highlighting the fact he's always been honest with where other coaches have not.

Regarding the Buffalo game, he was expecting the secondary matchups to be the problem (not sacks) since the Bills picked off Vick and Brady four times each. He acknowledged he made some bad pocket decisions, but this game was a big learning experience that would translate to better play. Beck continued that after the game Shanahan mentioned Elway has gotten booed, just learn from this experience and move on.

I do question why Beck thinks his next opportunity is out of his control. If he tears it up in training camp and pre-season, he can easily win the job over a rookie (I won't be putting my money on that though).