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Hogs Haven Podcast Teaser

The other night we finally got round to recording stuff for a Hogs Haven Podcast. We have some solid ideas on how we feel the format of the show should go but we wanted to get input from you guys. So here's a couple of teaser clips for you guys to listen to and give us some feedback in the comments below.

First up, we have the naming discussion:

We have by no means settled on a name and we are going to bring it up again next week. But we're open to ideas from you guys. We're looking for something funny or quirky but with a tie-in to Redskins football.

More clips after the jump...

Next we have a clip with Steve offering up Chicago safety Craig Steltz as a potential low-key free agent target, but Ken isn't on board...

Here's a clip of Parks screwing up, because who here doesn't enjoy that.

For our last clip, Ken and Parks debate who they would choose in a toss up between Chris Cooley and Fred Davis.

There you go, just a couple little teaser clips. Let us know what you think and if you have any name ideas.