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RG3 injury: Redskins star has knee sprain, no torn ligaments

Robert Griffin III didn't tear an ACL Sunday. It's just a knee sprain, the team announced.


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III avoided a major knee injury, as the team reportedly said Sunday night that the star rookie quarterback suffered just a knee sprain. An MRI taken after the game revealed there were no ligaments torn and, structurally, per a team spokesman, "everything is clear."

Griffin hurt his knee late in Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens. Fellow rookie Kirk Cousins replaced him and led the 'Skins to an overtime victory at home. Redskins fans were panicked that Griffin, who looked like he suffered quite the injury, may miss significant time, which would seriously hinder the team's now-bright playoff chances.

Griffin, who tore his ACL while at Baylor, told reporters after the game he was confident it wasn't a ligament injury, but 'Skins fans know better than to celebrate before the actual diagnosis. No word from the team yet as to how long, if at all, Griffin will be out. Head coach Mike Shanahan is expected to give more clarity on the situation when he meets with reporters Monday.

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