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NFLPA's Policy to Prevent Players from Drunk Driving

With two alcohol incidents in consecutive weekends involving NFL players, the police, and a death, it's important to remember the NFLPA has a program in place to prevent situations like this.


The NFL community has had to endear two deaths in consecutive weekends. Late on Saturday night, two Dallas Cowboys players were involved in a drunk driving accident that left passenger and teammate Jerry Brown dead. The driver, Cowboys NT Josh Brent, was charged with involuntary manslaughter after his car was driving at a high speed, hit a curb, flipped at least once, and caught on fire.

Full details of the story here: Breaking News: NT Josh Brent Arrested For Intoxicated Manslaughter

Last week, Jovan Belcher tragically shot his girlfriend and wife. Earlier that night cops found him passed out at the wheel outside his girlfriend's house.

I spoke to my contact at the NFLPA who gave me this info regarding protecting players from such situations. All NFL players past and present have access to a transportation service at a huge discount that is 100% confidential from their teams finding out. In other words, there's no excuse for players to drink and drive.

The Player Transportation Link (PTL) is a confidential transportation service available to members of the NFLPA. Active and Former Players are covered. PTL is serviced by Corporate Security Solutions, Inc. (CSSI)

The purpose of the service is to prevent members from driving while impaired. Stickers with the 24/7 1-800 number are placed on the back of all NFLPA member IDs. Call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Two available services:
1) Pre-arranged transport service: Members schedule pick up in advance. Driver will remain with player until he arrives at his final destination

2) Emergency response: Immediate dispatch of a vehicle to the player's location - anywhere in the US or Canada, including Hawaii & Alaska. CSSI will monitor the driver's status and maintain cell/text communication with the player until the driver arrives. Response time varies by player location, but in most cases, especially in metropolitan areas, the driver will arrive in under an hour.

The NFLPA provides PTL membership to players, but the player is responsible for payment. However, players receive significantly discounted rate for CSSI services through PTL.

CSSI have executed confidentiality agreements with the NFLPA and covered members, making the service 100% confidential.

Please make the call...and this goes to everyone. With the holiday season coming, drinking and driving consistently reaches peak numbers. For DC residents, SoberRide provides free cabs to any one that calls and needs a cab, which is sponsored and paid for by alcohol compaines.

Thoughts and prayers to Jerry Brown's family. He has a child on the way.