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Gillette Question of the Week: Best Washington Redskins Nickname

As fans of the Redskins, we love to come up with nicknames of our players. From Riggo to Meast, if a player makes an impact for DC, you can bet we are going to come up with a nickname for him. Gillette asks us, what is the best nickname?

Over the 80 years of the Redskins franchise, we've seen many nicknames come...some good (The Hogs) and some bad (Alf).

This week, on their Facebook page, Gillette asked the question, "Who has the best nickname in the NFL?" Thinking about it, I wanted to know, what's the best nickname the Redskins have had? Here's a few I can think of in no particular order:

  • The Hogs (and related the Hogettes)
  • The Diesel (for Riggins)...probably my favorite.
  • RGIII (not original by any stretch of the means)
  • Meast/Manimal (for Sean Taylor)...also related "Area 51" for Landry and Taylor
  • Over the Hill Gang (commerating George Allen's older roster)
  • Posse (Clark, Monk, Sanders)
  • Fun Bunch (Art Monk, Virgil Seay, Charlie Brown, and Alvin Garrett, Rick Doc Walker, and Don Warren)
  • Smurfs (Virgil Seay, Alvin Garrett, and Charlie Brown)
  • 5 o'clock club (Hogs' after practice beer party in the shed)
  • Dirtbags (Chris Samuels, Casey Rabach, Randy Thomas, Derrick Dockery)
  • Slingin Sammy (Sammy Baugh)
  • Captain Chaos (Chris Cooley)
  • One Man Gang (Lorenzo Alexander)
  • Cowboy Killa/Tana Man (Santana Moss)
  • The Red Snapper (LS Ethan Albright)
  • (and Ken's favorite....Sexy Rexy)
What nicknames did I forget? What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Many people have tried to nickname Alfred Morris: "Alf", "FroMo", "The Shadow" (RGIII's shadow)...they all stink. Morris mentioned the "The A-Train"...I like the sound of that since he does carry 1-11 passengers every time he's running for extra yards.

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