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2013 Washington Redskins Mock Draft

An updated look at the Washington Redskins top targets for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

I updated my 4 round 2013 NFL Mock Draft and wanted to share what I had for the Redskins picks:

2nd Round: S Matt Elam, Florida:

I still consider offensive tackle a bigger need, but I had some of the better tackles off the board and figured to go upside here. Elam to me is the 2nd best safety in this draft, and landing him would be an absolute steal for the Redskins. He's athletic, and has incredible range back there. Elam has the ability to play either safety spot, and shows both good coverage ability and run support.

3rd Round: S Baccari Rambo, Gerogia:

I still had Rambo on the board when the Redskins 3rd round pick came up (though this draft order was set before the Monday Night win), and even with Elam in the mix it seemed like a no-brainer to grab another top safety. The Redskins could turn one of their biggest weaknesses into one of their better strengths with these two picks. It could also allow them to cut ties with guys like Reed Doughty and Meriweather freeing up additional cap room. It is possible that Rambo could be off the board, but it's also very possible that he's there for the taking.

4th Round: OT Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin:

Wagner has slipped this year a bit, but would be a steal in the 4th round if he's still there. He is probably better suited for RT anyways, and could potentially play as a rookie. While some may be concerned about his senior year performance, remember he was injured for a couple of games, and Wisconsin lost nearly their entire offensive coaching staff to other colleges or the NFL, as well as a couple of their starting linemen.

What do you guys think?