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3 Favorite Plays from Redskins MNF Win Over NY Giants in Gifs

A collection of key plays from the Redskins thrilling Monday Night Football win over the 1st place Giants.

Trent been laying the wood all year.
Trent been laying the wood all year.
Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

I'm going to lead off with Trent Williams, who undoubtedly is having a Pro Bowl season. (There's still time to vote...please, do it and also include RGIII, Alfred Morris, and Lorenzo Alexander for ST).

From the first Giants game, we saw Trent Williams bull doze Jason Pierre-Paul. So, how does Trent handle the much more agile and shifty CB,Prince Amukamara, in the open field on this 2nd quarter run? Like a truck:


I'm not sure what Montgomery is doing on that play. When the RB is on your ass, hit the first white jersey you see. At the same time, if Morris Darrel Young kicks it outside, he might have taken it to the house.

Next up is Alfred Morris's rush that got him over 1000 yards. A Giants defender wraps him up and Morris still gets another 5 yards. This perfectly sums up his running style.

And finally, the fumble for a TD....RGIII's second fumble for a TD this year. Mark Sanchez must be so jealous.